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Original Fiction
Transient Tales - short stories of science fiction, fantasy and horror

Volume 1 features dysfunctional families—some demons, some that don’t have that excuse—monstrous assassins, pragmatic cannibals, time-travelling reality TV shows, zombies, witches, phobias made real, law-breaking love and lessons in post-apocalyptic survival.

Available now from:
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Volume 2 features a Halloween game with a chilling price, a call-centre at the end of the world, an unconventional quest for a portal to fairyland, a mother dealing with the loss—and the return—of a child, a desperate woman’s letter to her future self, a repentant scientist’s lament, an envious boy who gets more than he bargained for, and a misguided attempt to gain closure on a very dead love affair.

Available now from:
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donna by lindenharp

Here be fic! Breaking Bad - This Epic Story of Forbidden Love - Walt/Jesse (R) Humour/Crack/Romance

I drifted out of fandom the last few years, but then I watched Breaking Bad (late to the party, yes, tell me about it) and... wow. *flails*

It was glorious and perfect and I wouldn't change a single second of how it played out, but it DESTROYED me. I was thinking about how I would give my soul to be able to fix it, and save everyone, and give them all a happy ending... and then I remembered I could.

Because what's fanfic for, if not to step in and turn a desperately heartbreaking tragedy into a screwball romantic comedy? :-)

This Epic Story of Forbidden Love - Walt/Jesse (R) - Humour/Crack/Romance - 14,136 words

It started out like the kind of true crime tragedy everyone’s heard a dozen times before: boy falls in with bad crowd, boy starts using, boy goes off the rails. But when they get to Act 2 — boy goes through traumatic gang initiation — things take an unexpected turn and suddenly they’re in a sex dungeon and instead of the gang boss telling the boy to go shoot someone in the face, he’s telling him to take his clothes off.

Read the story at AO3:
donna by lindenharp

Publication News

So, wow, I still have an LJ, huh? :-)

I have been writing original fiction lately, and  have a horror story, 'The Fine Art of Fortune Telling,' in the latest anthology from Escape Collective Publishing, titled 'Orbital Hearts: love's bitter ruins' -- available now at Amazon, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble

It's an 'Anti-Valentine's Day' collection of SF/F/H stories about dysfunctional or doomed love -- as editor Thaddeus Rice puts it, 'Imagine two (or more) hearts forever linked but forced, like orbital bodies, to never touch; to circle in each other's gravity well, locked in tidal forces but forever pushed apart.'

One reviewer described my story as 'domestic-Lovecraftian,' which is absolutely the vibe that was in my head when I wrote it. 

No saccharine-sweet happy ever afters here :-)

There are review copies available in pdf, epub and mobi (kindle) format, so if anyone fancies the idea of ten awesome SFFH/slipstream stories to review on Amazon, Goodreads  etc, just drop me a comment here or to michelle3791 [at] gmail [dot] com

donna by lindenharp

The power of community

This post made me cry today -- at first because it was so sad, and then because it was so wonderful.

I downloaded the book for my new Kindle. The first line of the first story goes 'In one of the periods of their marriage when Uncle Hiro was gone, Aunt Rachel kept a shark in her swimming pool.'

How awesome?

I'm thoroughly looking forward to rest of it, but in my eyes? Worth the £1.43 simply for that line alone

The US version has gone from Amazon ranking #134,555 to #273 since the post went up.

Go Kiana!
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donna by lindenharp

Original fic

I've been writing some original fic lately, which is proving to be great fun (even moreso when you get paid for it!)

If anyone might have any interest in checking out a short piece of pre-apoc SF, my story 'Not with a Bang' can be found at Daily Science Fiction here:

Not with a Bang

Fic: 'Breaking and Entering' - Luther - Alice (/John, Zoe, Mark) - PG

Title: Breaking and Entering
Fandom: Luther
Pairing: Alice (/John, Zoe, Mark)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,245
Notes/Warnings: For mumblemutter in the 2010 Fandom Stocking. Unbeta'd -- all comments, nitpicks & crit welcome
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: Nothing can keep Alice Morgan from getting where she wants to be.

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Fic: Lost Boys - 'Dust to Dust' - David/Michael - PG

Title: Dust to Dust
Fandom: Lost Boys
Pairing: David/Michael
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,056
Notes/Warnings: Unbeta'd. All comments, nitpicks & crit weclome
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: The house is wrecked but they're all alive and the bad guys have been defeated. It's a fairytale ending. Isn't it?

Written for smallfandomfest 08: Michael & or / David, What do we do now?

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Fic: 'No More Heroes' - Torchwood/Life On Mars - Alice Carter/Sam Tyler - PG13

Title: No More Heroes
Fandom: Torchwood/Life On Mars
Pairing: Alice Carter/Sam Tyler
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,663
Timeline/Spoilers: TW, after Children of Earth. LOM, S1
Warnings: Angst
Notes: Unbeta'd. All comments, nitpicks & crit weclome
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: Alice walks into a blue box with a stranger.

ETA: If you like this story, please check out the prequel written by edzel2 here -- it's the story of how Alice met the Doctor, and it is completely gorgeous.

Don't you just love how fandom can make these wonderful spirals of creativity? *snuggles fandom*

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