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1st-Jan-2020 05:31 pm - Sticky: Fic Masterlist
Original Fiction
Transient Tales - short stories of science fiction, fantasy and horror

Volume 1 features dysfunctional families—some demons, some that don’t have that excuse—monstrous assassins, pragmatic cannibals, time-travelling reality TV shows, zombies, witches, phobias made real, law-breaking love and lessons in post-apocalyptic survival.

Available now from:
Amazon UK / Amazon US / Smashwords Kobo

Volume 2 features a Halloween game with a chilling price, a call-centre at the end of the world, an unconventional quest for a portal to fairyland, a mother dealing with the loss—and the return—of a child, a desperate woman’s letter to her future self, a repentant scientist’s lament, an envious boy who gets more than he bargained for, and a misguided attempt to gain closure on a very dead love affair.

Available now from:
Amazon UK / Amazon US Smashwords

Small Fandoms -- Lost Boys, Lie to Me, The Good Wife, Luther, Live Free or Die Hard, The Great Gatsby -- 8 ficsCollapse )

Prison Break - 11 ficsCollapse )

Doctor Who/Torchwood - 8 ficsCollapse )

Life On Mars - 7 ficsCollapse )

House - 2 ficsCollapse )

Buffy/Angel - 65 ficsCollapse )

Crossovers - 2 ficsCollapse )
I drifted out of fandom the last few years, but then I watched Breaking Bad (late to the party, yes, tell me about it) and... wow. *flails*

It was glorious and perfect and I wouldn't change a single second of how it played out, but it DESTROYED me. I was thinking about how I would give my soul to be able to fix it, and save everyone, and give them all a happy ending... and then I remembered I could.

Because what's fanfic for, if not to step in and turn a desperately heartbreaking tragedy into a screwball romantic comedy? :-)

This Epic Story of Forbidden Love - Walt/Jesse (R) - Humour/Crack/Romance - 14,136 words

It started out like the kind of true crime tragedy everyone’s heard a dozen times before: boy falls in with bad crowd, boy starts using, boy goes off the rails. But when they get to Act 2 — boy goes through traumatic gang initiation — things take an unexpected turn and suddenly they’re in a sex dungeon and instead of the gang boss telling the boy to go shoot someone in the face, he’s telling him to take his clothes off.

Read the story at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3716167/chapters/8227453
donna by lindenharp
11th-Feb-2012 10:22 am - Publication News
So, wow, I still have an LJ, huh? :-)

I have been writing original fiction lately, and  have a horror story, 'The Fine Art of Fortune Telling,' in the latest anthology from Escape Collective Publishing, titled 'Orbital Hearts: love's bitter ruins' -- available now at Amazon, Amazon UK and Barnes & Noble

It's an 'Anti-Valentine's Day' collection of SF/F/H stories about dysfunctional or doomed love -- as editor Thaddeus Rice puts it, 'Imagine two (or more) hearts forever linked but forced, like orbital bodies, to never touch; to circle in each other's gravity well, locked in tidal forces but forever pushed apart.'

One reviewer described my story as 'domestic-Lovecraftian,' which is absolutely the vibe that was in my head when I wrote it. 

No saccharine-sweet happy ever afters here :-)

There are review copies available in pdf, epub and mobi (kindle) format, so if anyone fancies the idea of ten awesome SFFH/slipstream stories to review on Amazon, Goodreads  etc, just drop me a comment here or to michelle3791 [at] gmail [dot] com

donna by lindenharp
25th-Mar-2011 08:38 pm - The power of community
This post made me cry today -- at first because it was so sad, and then because it was so wonderful.

I downloaded the book for my new Kindle. The first line of the first story goes 'In one of the periods of their marriage when Uncle Hiro was gone, Aunt Rachel kept a shark in her swimming pool.'

How awesome?

I'm thoroughly looking forward to rest of it, but in my eyes? Worth the £1.43 simply for that line alone

The US version has gone from Amazon ranking #134,555 to #273 since the post went up.

Go Kiana!
donna by lindenharp
31st-Jan-2011 07:42 pm - Original fic
I've been writing some original fic lately, which is proving to be great fun (even moreso when you get paid for it!)

If anyone might have any interest in checking out a short piece of pre-apoc SF, my story 'Not with a Bang' can be found at Daily Science Fiction here:

Not with a Bang
donna by lindenharp
Title: Breaking and Entering
Fandom: Luther
Pairing: Alice (/John, Zoe, Mark)
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,245
Notes/Warnings: For mumblemutter in the 2010 Fandom Stocking. Unbeta'd -- all comments, nitpicks & crit welcome
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: Nothing can keep Alice Morgan from getting where she wants to be.

Breaking and EnteringCollapse )
11th-Dec-2010 10:32 pm - Baby, stuff my stocking
Fandom Stocking!

Anyone else playing?
coffee by allbotledup
Title: Dust to Dust
Fandom: Lost Boys
Pairing: David/Michael
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,056
Notes/Warnings: Unbeta'd. All comments, nitpicks & crit weclome
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: The house is wrecked but they're all alive and the bad guys have been defeated. It's a fairytale ending. Isn't it?

Written for smallfandomfest 08: Michael & or / David, What do we do now?

Dust to DustCollapse )
Title: Ordinary Weekend
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Gwen/Rhys
Rating: R
Wordcount: 4,733
Timeline/Spoilers: S2, after 2.4 'Meat'
Notes/Warnings: Unbeta'd. All comments, nitpicks & crit weclome
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: They say travel broadens the mind. So does Torchwood.

Ordinary WeekendCollapse )
torchwood by retardedragdoll
Title: No More Heroes
Fandom: Torchwood/Life On Mars
Pairing: Alice Carter/Sam Tyler
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,663
Timeline/Spoilers: TW, after Children of Earth. LOM, S1
Warnings: Angst
Notes: Unbeta'd. All comments, nitpicks & crit weclome
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: Alice walks into a blue box with a stranger.

ETA: If you like this story, please check out the prequel written by edzel2 here -- it's the story of how Alice met the Doctor, and it is completely gorgeous.

Don't you just love how fandom can make these wonderful spirals of creativity? *snuggles fandom*

No More HeroesCollapse )
Title: New York Roulette
Fandom: Live Free or Die Hard
Pairing: John/Matt
Rating: PG13
Length: 1,904 words
Timeline/Spoilers: Post-Movie
Notes: Written for the smallfandomflsh challenge #54: Gamble. Unbeta'd. All comments, nitpicks & crit weclome
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: Matt learns a new game.

New York RouletteCollapse )
Title: Thinking around Corners
Fandom: Luther
Pairing: Mark/Alice/John
Rating: R
Length: 500 words
Timeline/Spoilers: After the S1 finale
Warnings: power games, implied threat of sexual violence
Notes: Written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon, prompt: luther, alice morgan [alice/luther/mark], after. Unbeta'd, all comments, nitpicks & crit welcome
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: Alice enjoys teaching her boys

Thinking Around CornersCollapse )
Title: Context
Fandom: Lie to Me
Pairing: Gillian/Ria
Rating: PG13
Length: 1,658 words
Timeline/Spoilers: set after 2.16 'Delinquent'
Notes: Unbeta'd, all comments, nitpicks & crit welcomed
Disclaimer: Not mine. No profit, no foul.
Summary: Sometimes, Ria hates working with people who do this shit for a living.

ContextCollapse )
Title: A Proper Ending
Fandom: Fairytales
Pairing: Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1,739 words
Timeline/Spoilers: Modern AU
Warnings: Implications of violence
Summary: The concept of 'happily ever after' can be open to interpretation
Author’s Notes: Written for smallfandomfest, prompt: 'Fairy Tales, Writer's Choice/Writer's Choice, our happy ending.' Unbeta'd, all comments & crit welcomed.

A Proper EndingCollapse )
Written for a prompt in hazyflights's fantastic Awesome Ladies Ficathon:

The Good Wife, Kalinda Sharma (/the entire office and beyond.)

You're written in her book
You're number 37, have a look
She's going to smile to make you frown, what a clown
Little boy, she's from the street
Before you start, you're already beat
She's gonna play you for a fool, yes it's true

Title: Something to Think About
Fandom: The Good Wife
Pairing: Kalinda/Will, Diane, Cary, Eli, Peter,Alicia
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,184
Timeline/Spoilers: An unspecified time in late S1, no spoilers
Notes/Warnings: Unbetaed: thoughts, nitpicks & crit all welcome.

Kalinda's mind wanders, when she gets boredCollapse )
Because OMG show! And OMFG Finale!! And I don't know how this is possible, but there is no fic. Internets, you fails me *shakes head sadly*

Title: You Break It, You Bought It
Fandom: Luther
Pairing: Mark/Alice/John
Rating: R
Wordcout: 2,650
Timeline/Spoilers: Set after the end of S1, massive spoilers for the finale. Assuming we get S2, this will become a speculative AU. If we don't get S2, this is definitely what happens :-)
Notes/Warnings: Dark themes, some knifeplay. Unbetaed: nitpicks & crit all welcome.

You Break It, You Bought ItCollapse )
Title: These are the Voyages of the Starship UK or: Five Alternate Histories of the Spacewhale
Fandom: Doctor Who
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,088 words
Spoilers: 5.02 'The Beast Below' Spoiler note:Collapse )
Genre: Satire/comedy
Notes/Warnings: I mock because I love. I own nothing. Unbetaed, nitpicks & crit all welcome.
Summary: They say no good deed goes unpunished. The Spacewhale learns that ain't nothing but the truth.

These are the voyages...Collapse )
donna by lindenharp
5th-Apr-2010 03:43 pm - The Broccoli Test
There's a great post here - that puts a few modern pairings through the broccoli test. (The Arther/Merlin is particularly hilarious), which inspired me to try my current favourite pairings.

1. Michael/Alex (Prison Break)

Ahahahahahaha. Seriously? These two would ACE the broccoli test. In fact, I would have to accuse them of cheating since canonical telepathic ability is the only explanation for some moments in the series. Remember the bit where Alex finds the origami crane made out of a page of Whistle's bird book with the single word GATE written on it, and deduces from it not only that T-Bag has taken Michael to the headquarters of a firm called GATE (that they've never before heard of) and where this building is, but that they're in an underground lair accessed through a trap door in the floor of T-Bag's office AND the exact moment to arrive in order to sneak up behind T-Bag and save the day? How in the name of HOLY ANYTHING is that possible without some kind of mental communication?

So, yeah. There wouldn't even need to be an eyebrow twitch, Michael would just have to think BROCCOLI in Alex's general direction and the job's done.

Conclusion: EPIC WIN

2. Matt/John (Live Free or Die Hard)

Oh, dear. No. Really, no. Even if they had the ability to pass the test, they'd both refuse to take it. First up, I'm not sure either of these two knows what broccoli is, what it looks like, where you would buy it or why on Earth you would do so. If by some strange miracle one of them did, the other would decide it would be last thing they would ever eat, on general principle. These two like their cultural divide the size of the Grand Canyon, thank you very much.

Conclusion: EPIC FAIL

3. Jack/Gwen/Rhys (Torchwood)

I think Gwen and Rhys would do okay, as any long-term couple who shop together eventually build up a kind of synchronicity. Jack would ruin it, though, by coming back with a sex toy. Every time.

Conclusion: EPIC SEX
donna by lindenharp
One of my absolute favourite tropes is 'Aliens Made Them Do It.' A little while back I was wondering how you would translate that into Prison Break fandom, and decided it would have to be 'T-Bag Made Them Do It.' And thus are fics born :-)

Title: The Least Mysterious of All Crafts
Fandom: Prison Break
Pairing: Michael/Alex
Wordcount: 3,480
Timeline/Spoilers: Based on ep 4.7 'Five The Hard Way'
Disclaimer: Not mine. We all know that.
Notes/Warnings: Unbetaed -- nitpicks & crit all welcome.
Summary: 'Acting is the least mysterious of all crafts. Whenever we want something from somebody or when we want to hide something or pretend, we're acting. Most people do it all day long.' - Marlon Brando

As soon as he walks out onto the roof, Alex knows something isn't right.Collapse )
donna by lindenharp
Title: You Can't Insure Against Corrosion
Fandom:Torchwood/Doctor Who
Pairing: Jack/Ten
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 2,652
Timeline/Spoilers: Spoilers for 'Children of Earth' and 'The End of Time'
Warnings: Angst
Notes: Written because sol_se wanted broken, dysfuctional post COE/Waters of Mars Jack/Doctor, and that sounded like a great idea. And because I have issues with their final scene in the DW finale. Since that was the happy ending, this isn't so much fix-it fic as break-it fic. Unbetaed, nitpicks & crit all welcome.

You Can't Insure Against CorrosionCollapse )
donna by lindenharp
12th-Feb-2010 06:05 pm - Fic requests, for future reference
Prompts submitted at dark_fest

I really, really, really, really, want all of these. I'm seriously hoping I don't have to write them all myself, but at this point I'm thinking I will, if I have to. *crosses fingers*

24, Jack/Renee, performance sex

24/Prison Break, Jack Bauer/Alex Mahone, you can get to like torture

Breaking Bad, Jesse/Walt, where do you turn when everyone else is gone?

Buffy, Ethan/Faith, this is how a real mentor behaves

Buffy/Being Human, Oz/George, you can't subdue the beast

Buffy/Supernatural, Illyria/Dean or Illyria/Castiel, let me show you what the power of hell really is

Chuck, Chuck/Casey, when you're undercover with dangerous people you can't show weakness

Heroes, Sylar/Matt, I know you better than you know yourself

House, House/Chase, if I can't have you then nobody can

House/Lie To Me, House/Lightman, don't fuck with me

House/Supernatural, Chase/Dean, murder makes you vulnerable

Prison Break, Alex/Sara, addiction
Prison Break, Alex/Sara/Lincoln, without Michael

Survivors BBC 2009, Tom/Greg, you need me to survive

Torchwood, Jack/Rhys, grieving for Gwen
donna by lindenharp
12th-Feb-2010 02:30 pm - On Shipping
There's a very interesting post here about the lenses that we view shows through, particularly in pairing terms. As a multishipper I come in at the opposite end of the spectrum to gabrielleabelle, but the concept still explains me very well.

I adore many, many different pairings, both to read and write -- and the rarer, the more unconventional or uncanonical, the better. In Prison Break, Michael/Alex is the pairing of my heart, but I would read Alex/Lincoln, Michael/Gretchen or Alex/Lincoln/Sara in a heartbeat. (Seriously, Alex/Linc/Sara? I would be ALL OVER THAT).

I think this comes from my default lens, which is 'It's perfectly possible that X is attracted to Y' where X is absolutely anyone and Y is absolutely anyone else. (As I commented, my lens is clearly like that of a fly, with multiple little windows for each and every combination *g*)

I am completely prepared to believe, without needing any textual support whatsoever, that any given characters will fancy the arse off each other -- regardless of gender, race, age, species, position, usual orientation, past history, relationship, whatever. It doesn't matter whether they're on different sides, whether they canonically hate each other, whether they're related, in love with other people or whether they've never even met, this lens lets me see an attraction between them.

It's why slash is so natural -- why I immediately ship Alicia/Kalinda despite Alicia being absolutely *defined* as The Good Wife, why my first thought on the latest Survivors is 'ooh, of course, Tom/Greg'. It's why actual sibcest (Sam/Dean, River/Simon) or faux-cest (Buffy/Giles, John Connor/Cameron) doesn't squick me, why I like Willow/Giles at both ends of the power imbalance dynamic: S1 Willow as barely-legal naive schoolgirl and futurefic Willow as all-powerful witch-goddess.

Ray Carling hates Sam Tyler, Mulder hates Krycek, the Master hates the Doctor -- I'm still quite happy with the idea that they can also, at some level, *want* them. Rhys absolutely and thoroughly loves Gwen, but that doesn't mean he can't also want Jack. Buffy never met Gunn, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't want him if she did.

What I really enjoy about unconventional pairings is the context. Suspension of disbelief is pre-programmed, so I approach it from the point of 'okay, obviously they would fancy each other -- now, what would make them act on it?' This is, I think, why I love first times and Aliens Made Them Do It, but not established relationship stories or pure PWP -- because in those, the 'how/why/when it happened' is irrelevant, and that's my favourite bit.

There are pairings that don't really move me, but I don't think there are many that I couldn't, in some way, shape or form, manage to *see.* I guess I'm just easy that way :-)
donna by lindenharp
31st-Jan-2010 01:42 pm - Currently:
Reading: Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris, the 5th in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Lightweight, but fun.

Writing: Angsty post-series Jack/Ten & fluffy Jack/Gwen/Rhys

Watching: Burn Notice, Being Human, Nip/Tuck, Desperate Housewives, Life On Mars US, Leverage, 24, Heroes, Dollhouse

Loving: Being Human, 24 & (unexpectedly but happily) Heroes

Getting interested in: Leverage. I've only seen two eps but the characters are glorious (I have a deep and abiding kink for Scarily Competent but Slightly Crazy, which seems to describe the majority of them). The stories are fun, if lightweight -- I am hoping that there will be some arc plots coming along shortly to add a little depth, otherwise the caper-of-the-week stuff is going to start feeling very shallow.

Crushing on: Eliza Duskhu & Robert Knepper (and damn, now I really want Faith/T-Bag fic)

Looking forward to: The UK premieres of S2 of True Blood, S6 of Lost and S5 of Supernatural. Woo!
donna by lindenharp
19th-Jan-2010 05:34 pm - Thoughts, questions, memes
Thought: I'm feeling a terrible desire to sign up for Jack/Gwen/Rhys at whoverse30 The world seriously needs more Jack/Gwen/Rhys

Question: Do you say the '/' ? I mean, do you read 'Jack/Ianto' as 'Jack-slash-Ianto' or just 'Jack-Ianto?' Or some other variation? Does it make a difference if it's a het pairing? I do a kind of mental glottal stop, myself -- not the mini-pause that comes with 'Jack, Ianto', but there's definitely an acknowledgement that it's there. 'Jack-micro-pause-Ianto' Can you have silent punctuation?

Meme, gakked from marenfic: The first ten people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level. (If you absolutely can't write, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drawings or icons or something instead.)

Fandoms I will try: Prison Break, Buffy, Angel, New Who, Torchwood, Life On Mars UK, Live Free or Die Hard, Lost Boys, Nip/Tuck, Breaking Bad, Chuck, Lie To Me, Life, Dollhouse, Firefly, House, Lost, Supernatural (S1-4), Merlin, Spooks, Robin Hood BBC, Blakes' 7, 24, Heroes, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Being Human, Fringe, True Blood (S1), Discworld, Night Watch quadrilogy, most books by Stephen King

(I like the wording of this -- 'get to request that I write' rather than 'I will write' Gotta love the small print. Hee)
donna by lindenharp
So, it's officially More Joy Day! Woot!

I bring an offering of fic, and general good wishes and hugs all round :-)

Title: A Good Plan
Fandom: Prison Break
Pairing: Michael/Alex
Rating: R
Wordcount: 3,346
Timeline/Spoilers: Takes place just after 3.1 'Orientacion'
Disclaimer: Not mine. We all know that.
Notes/Warnings: D/s vibes. Unbetaed -- nitpicks & crit all welcome.
Summary: If he's going to survive Sona, Michael needs a plan.

Paranoia is as deep-soaked into the soil of Sona as blood and sweat; it's as natural and constant a part of the place as the heat.Collapse )
donna by lindenharp
8th-Jan-2010 02:25 pm - In Conclusion
We were supposed to go out last night to see the Rich Kids (1977 band formed by Glen Matlock after he left the Sex Pistols and featuring Midge Ure, Steve New & Rusty Egan), do a reunion benefit gig for New, who's been fighting cancer, but the roads round here are way too icy to risk driving and we didn't fancy our chances on the trains much either. Bloody weather!

So in lieu of that, I did some round-up statistics & memes. Not quite as exciting, granted, and a bit late. But then, if time isn't linear but is instead a great big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, then concepts such as 'late' have no meaning, right?

Fic round-up for 2009Collapse )

Fic Stats for the DecadeCollapse )

2009 fandom round-up memeCollapse )
donna by lindenharp
Oh, my beautiful, shiny Prison Break box set, how I love thee. And how I love S3 in particular :-)

Title: Angustia
Fandom: Prison Break
Pairing: Lang/Mahone
Rating: PG13
Wordcount: 1,739
Timeline/Spoilers: Up to 3.9 'Boxed In'
Notes/Warnings: Dialogue taken direct from the show. Unbetaed -- nitpicks & crit very welcome.
Summary: What she sees in that prison breaks her heart.

AngustiaCollapse )
alex badass
16th-Dec-2009 03:44 pm - Snow!
It's snowing like hell outside, but since I just got the Prison Break box set and have the rest of the week off work, I see no bad here.

Is it wrong that the first thing I watched out of the whole 4 seasons & film was the scene in 3.1 Orientacion where Alex steps in during Michael's fight and snaps that guy's neck? I think it says a lot about the fucked-up nature of this pairing that this scene is what counts as high romance :-)

I deeply love the growing respect and trust that they build into something approaching genuine friendship during S4, but damn, the antagonistic, still-on-opposite-sides relationship of S3 is so very, very hot.

Ah, my boys. My boys!
donna by lindenharp
Title: Options to Explore
Fandom: Live Free or Die Hard
Pairing: John/Matt
Rating: R
Wordcount: 2,782
Timeline/Spoilers: post film
Notes/Warnings: Written for smallfandomfest Nov 09. Unbetaed, nitpicks & crit all welcome.
Summary: Sometimes, what you're looking at isn't what you see.

After it's all over, after the Fire Sale has been reduced to yesterday's news and another set of scars to add to his collection, he checks up on Farrell...Collapse )
donna by lindenharp
7th-Dec-2009 10:10 pm - Never give up, never surrender
Thank you to sol_se for the snowflake! So cute!

I'm watching Galaxy Quest on DVD tonight, which is a film that I just love to very tiny pieces. It spoofs with such genuine affection. One of my favourite scenes in this (or any other) film is when they get whizzed through interstellar space in a jelly casing onto the ship and they're all completely freaked out except Tech Sgt Chen (the extremely awesome Tony Shalhoub), who just grins & says 'Mmm, that was a hell of a thing.'

I aspire to live life like Tech Sgt Chen. As attitudes to the world go, it's a pretty damn fine one :-)
donna by lindenharp
4th-Dec-2009 04:53 pm - So here it is, Merry Christmas
How is it that, despite Christmas stuff having been filling the shops and adverts for the last two months, I feel like it's snuck up on me? How does that work? It's the 4th of December and I don't even have an advent calendar. No daily chocolate! What's up with that, self?

Still, my Secret Santa present at work was a Wentworth Miller 2010 calendar, which I have already hung up. Sometimes, it's a good thing for your obsessions to be well known :-)
donna by lindenharp
20th-Nov-2009 05:04 pm - The itchiness of ambiguity
I'm reading a collection of short stories at the moment, and they're wonderfully written and atmospheric, tremendously imaginative and original, with fantastic imagery and ideas, but... they don't conclude, they don't resolve. They just stop. I try very hard to appreciate the other very good things, but the lack of structure leaves me feeling unfulfilled every time. Unfulfilled and a little inadequate, because I don't understand them, and I can't help wondering if it's my fault, if I'm missing something. I love mystery and ambiguity and things being left unexplained, as long as it feels like it's meant to be that way - that I'm supposed to make up my own mind what was going on, or not meant to know for sure (like The Glamour, or The Separation, by Christopher Priest. Loved 'em both passionately, but plenty of WTF). But sometimes I'm left feeling like I just don't get it, and that makes me kind of itch. I like these stories, but they're making me itchy.

Sometimes, I really wish books came with the sort of author commentaries you occasionally see fanfic writers do.
donna by lindenharp
18th-Jan-2009 05:28 pm - Guilty Pleasures
I'm reading Incubus Dreams at the moment, and it's reminding me why I love the Anita Blake series so much, despite the fact that they are so very flawed in so many ways. Anita herself gets on my nerves a lot (a claustrophobia that's an inherent downside of 1st person POV over this kind of length) and I know a lot of people bailed on it once the sex took such a prominent place, but I loved it.

I understand why people don't, but for me, [Aliens/Mystical Forces/The PTB/Insert Genre-appropriate Cause Here] Made Them Do It is my all-time favourite fic trope, and that's what's at the heart of these stories. It's like somewhere in another universe, there's a series that's totally focussed on the crime/politics/supernatural integration aspects, and our books are the fanfic -- totally concerned with getting as much sex with as many different pairings as possible. Sure, there are some minor nods to a murder or power struggle here or there, but it's mostly to provide Anita with a reason to lose blood, control or a fight and therefore need to power up again by having sex with whoever doesn't run away fast enough. Fantastic!

The ardeur, a power source that she has to feed through sex, is a stroke of genius in shipping terms. Pick any characters you want to pair up, put them near her when the ardeur rises and away you go! A free pass for any shipper. Genius.

::ponders Anita Blake crossovers::

So, what's your guilty pleasure(s)? *g*
donna by lindenharp
16th-Jan-2009 03:04 pm - Writing process
When you work on long stories, do you have the whole thing in one document, or different docs for chapters/parts/notes? What software do you use?

I use Open Office, but it's driving me nuts lately. It crashes every time I open or close a file, and for the last few days the scroll bar has started to get stuck, so that when I just want to move down a few lines it insists on slooooowly taking me right to the end.

donna by lindenharp
So , More Joy Day is almost over here in the UK. It's been awesome!

A final couple of little ficlets to finish:

For ozfroggirl: Life On Mars, Gene/Sam, HugCollapse )

And a bonus for sol_se: Prison Break, Gretchen, Jail QueenCollapse )

Good night, Y'all!
donna by lindenharp
More Joy Day ficlet for cindergal: Nine/Rose; snow

Yay for Joy!

Title: Marmite Rainbows
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Nine/Rose
Rating: G
Wordcount: 535
Notes: Unbetad, crit welcome.
Summary: 'Experience, Rose. That's the name of the game. Experience.'

There's a scientific reason for it, apparently, one that he explains to her at great length; something to do with light refraction and a permeable atmosphere full of a kind of particle that has a name with twenty-three syllables. Read more...Collapse )
alex smile
Joy fic for sdwolfpup: Michael/Alex; wings

Title: The Creation of Alternate Universes
Fandom: Prison Break
Pairing: Michael/Alex
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 1,534
Notes: Takes place after the end of 4.10 'The Legend.'
Summary: When Michael & Alex start brainstorming, who knows where it could end up?

'So you're saying that they'll know, the minute anybody who weighs more than two pounds steps foot inside there, and the Company's hordes will come screaming down on our asses?' Lincoln runs a hand over his head. 'Man, we're screwed.'
Read more...Collapse )
mm genius
15th-Jan-2009 03:31 pm - More Joy Day!
...is here! ::spins::

I haz a bearhug! Awww :-) Thank you so much to whoever gifted me with this, it's so totally adorable!

I'm feeling better today. Still snotty and achy and sore-throat-y, but not so much with the nauseous and head-full-of-cotton-wool. I stayed off work, selflessly saving my coworkers from the germs, heh, and as I don't work Fridays anyway it's officially the weekend in flurbleworld. Ergo, Joy!

There will be more to follow, but for now here's a little fannish random joy:

Buffy was my first love, the show that introduced me to fic and fandom and so irrevocably enriched my life. I loved every single character and every damn bit of it, even the parts that broke my heart. In that spirit, the moment I possibly love the best is the scene in 'The Prom' where Buffy receives her Class Protector award from Jonathan. The look on her face, and Giles's, is just... I have no words. I adore that scene so much, even through it makes me cry. Every time, even now. Ah, Buffy. You were the best.

Life on Mars is another show I loved deeply. So very awesome, in so many ways. I frequently half-watch TV while I'm reading, and that was how I started the first ep. I thought the premise sounded vaguely amusing, but I'd never seen John Simm in anything else and didn't know what to expect -- didn't know what a mesmerising, exceptional actor he is. But when we got to the scene where Sam wakes up in '73 and there's that long, circling shot around him, I realised I was seeing something really special. I put the book down :-) The acting, the chemistry between Sam and Gene, the surreal weirdness of it (the Camberwick Green trailer remains the single greatest piece of TV I have ever seen) -- all awesome. And the ending was unbelievably perfect: ambiguous yet shatteringly final, shocking yet inevitable, emotionally fulfilling yet unbelievably dark, and a mindfuck to the end. Kudos, show!

Prison Break snuck up on me while I wasn't looking. Someone once complained that it was 'a bit implausible' and I laughed my head off because, well, yes -- but that's the *point*. To me, that's the whole raison d'etre of the show - how much insane, cracked out, ludicrous implausibility can you gather in one story before you accidentally create Douglas Adams's Improbability Drive? (OMG! That's obviously how they escape from the Space Prison in S5!) I love this show to bits, in all its unlikely glory. I don't come here for logic and realism, I come for mad plans and daring rescues and last-minute hitches and more male beauty than the eye can stand. I come for Alex and Michael and their unspoken but undeniable love, and for T-Bag, the greatest comedy villain ever created and the only mass-murdering rapist who's managed to make me feel sorry for him. I come for the dirty hot prison sex fic and the fluffy domestic threesome fic, for a fandom as beautifully batshit insane as the show. You know who you are, and I love you all :-)

So, tell me what brings you fannish joy?
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14th-Jan-2009 03:55 pm - In preparation of Joy
I'm home sick with a rotten cold, which intermingles the boo of feeling crappy with the yay of not being at work. On balance, I think it's a fair trade.

So tomorrow is More Joy Day, woot! If anyone would like ficlets or feedback, leave me a link or prompt. I'll read in any fandom and write in Buffy, Angel, Prison Break, New Who, Torchwood, Life On Mars UK, Merlin, Heroes, Firefly, House, Live Free or Die Hard, Lost Boys, Anita Blake, Discworld, or crossovers thereof.
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9th-Jan-2009 04:14 pm - The Perils of Home Shopping
I had my grocery shopping delivered today, because I don't like driving when it's frosty & foggy, and when I unpacked my apples one of them had a bite taken out of it. Gross! Mr F was outraged when I told him, and said I should email them with a photo of it -- and I'm, like, what are they going to do, match up dental records? Hee. But still, I think I might complain. I mean, you make allowance for a certain amount of roughing up when you get stuff delivered, but that is taking it a bit far *g*
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4th-Jan-2009 09:55 pm - Appreciation of Modern Cinema
Why is it that I am so vastly entertained by watching hot guys in leather demonstrating inventive and innovative ways to shoot people?

Oh yeah. Shallow, that was it.

This post brought to you courtesy of Clive Owen in 'Shoot Em Up.' :-)
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Ficlet written for vibishan's drabble tag game, prompt 'Alex Mahone: Vampire Hunter'
400 words, G, futureficCollapse )

And this ficlet written in response to my request for Alex with a Heroes ability, just makes so much sense of some previous 'huh?' moments on the show... *g*
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14th-Dec-2008 09:50 pm - 42
I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, including dinner at a lovely fish restaurant and a great haul of presents -- including Supernatural and Heroes box sets.

At 42, I shall now duly await enlightenment as to the meaning of life, the universe and everything :-)
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10th-Dec-2008 10:19 pm - Random thoughts
... on a Wednesday night.

1. I have the next two days off work. This is makes me enormously joyful.

2. I am two eps behind on Prison Break. This makes me enormously nervous ::bites nails:: but I'm getting to the point where I'm kind of saving them rather than downloading devouring them immediately, because I know there are so few left. Oh, show. What am I going to do without you?

3. I'm currently reading Nabokov's 'Lolita,' and I'm shocked by the fact that I'm shocked by it. I mean, it's fifty years old, so entrenched in general consciousness that the very name itself has become shorthand, and I've spent years in fandom, for heaven's sake. I really did not expect to be creeped out to this extent.

4. I'm also reading Alan Moore's 'Watchmen.' Dude, how so awesome? I have great love for this. Is there fic?

5. Right this minute, I'm watching 'Terminator 2.' Wow, but Robert Patrick looks young. Linda Hamilton looks way hot doing her hospital room workout. Arnie's 'I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle' scene is one of my favourites in any film ever. There should totally be a fandom challenge to produce fics where various characters use that line. Mainly because I really, really want to see Alex Mahone say it.

6. I really want to like 'Survivors.' I vaguely remember that I loved the original, back when I was a wee chick, and post-apoc is so totally my thing, and it has Paterson Joseph, and yet... somehow, it's just not happening for me. I don't really believe, and I'm not sure why. Maybe because it all seems so sterile, whereas the virus!apoc story I really imprinted on -The Stand -- made such a feature of the body horror.

7. Out of Uther, Merlin and Arthur, I really don't know who I would choose. Maybe Morgana, heh.

8. I caught a bit of the end of 'The Sound of Drums' the other night and was shocked all over again at just how astoundingly good John Simm was as The Master. Flawless performance. I don't think he's particularly stunningly handsome, but he has so much mesmerising charisma that you never notice. Damn shame we can't have him as Eleven.

9. You know who I would like as Eleven? Peter Firth (Harry Pearce in Spooks). He would be awesome.

10. I have a few favourite fic tropes, and 'Aliens Made Them Do It' is one of them. Wonder how you'd make that work for PB fandom? 'T-Bag Made Them Do It?' Hmmm....
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Because it's cold and dark and grim, and my OT3 makes me happy :-)

Title: Spaghetti Sauce and the Unlikelihood of Soulmates
Fandom: Prison Break
Pairing: Michael/Alex/Sara
Rating: PG
Notes: Takes place after 4.07 'Five the Hard Way.' Unbetad, crit welcome.
Summary: Alex's voice was light, but he was watching her closely. 'You don't believe in true love?'

Spaghetti Sauce and the Unlikelihood of SoulmatesCollapse )
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