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Original Fiction
Transient Tales - short stories of science fiction, fantasy and horror

Volume 1 features dysfunctional families—some demons, some that don’t have that excuse—monstrous assassins, pragmatic cannibals, time-travelling reality TV shows, zombies, witches, phobias made real, law-breaking love and lessons in post-apocalyptic survival.

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Volume 2 features a Halloween game with a chilling price, a call-centre at the end of the world, an unconventional quest for a portal to fairyland, a mother dealing with the loss—and the return—of a child, a desperate woman’s letter to her future self, a repentant scientist’s lament, an envious boy who gets more than he bargained for, and a misguided attempt to gain closure on a very dead love affair.

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Small Fandoms

Lost Boys

David/Michael: Dust to Dust - 1,056 words, PG, post-movie. The house is wrecked but they're all alive and the bad guys have been defeated. It's a fairytale ending. Isn't it?

Lie to Me

Gillian/Ria: Context - 1,658 words, PG13, S2. Sometimes, Ria hates working with people who do this shit for a living.

The Good Wife

Kalinda/Will, Diane, Cary, Eli, Peter,Alicia: Something to Think About - 1,184 words, PG13, S1. Kalinda's mind wanders, when she gets bored...


Mark/Alice/John: Thinking Around Corners It - 500 words, R, post-S1. Alice enjoys teaching her boys.

Mark/Alice/John: You Break It, You Bought It - 2,650 words, R, post-S1. John wants to know what happens now. Mark has no answers, but Alice does.

Live Free or Die Hard

John/Matt: Options to Explore - 2,782 words, R, post-movie. Lucy helps John see what's been under his nose all along.

John/Matt: New York Roulette - 1,904 words, PG13, post-movie. Matt's always been good at learning new games.

The Great Gatsby

Nick/Gatsby: Moths - 1,140 words, PG, futurefic. Does the moth understand, when it circles the flame, that it is chasing its own destruction? Would it care, if it did?

Prison Break

Gretchen: Jail Queen - 214 words, PG13, post-series. Gretchen knows that first impressions count.

Lang/Alex: Angustia - 1,739 words, PG13, S3. What she sees in that prison breaks her heart.

Michael/Alex: A Good Plan - 3,346 words, R, S3. To survive Sona, Michael needs a plan.

Michael/Alex: Breaking The Rules - 2,164 words, PG13, spoilers for 3.1 'Orientacion.' Lechero smiles and indicates Michael. 'We were just having a chat with your friend here about the importance of following rules. You've got to have order, you see -- you do see, don't you, Alex?' he nods. 'Of course you do. You're a smart man. Just like your friend. Two smart men, in a place like this, it's natural you would...' he pauses. 'Bond.'

Michael/Alex: Good To See You - 694 words, PG13, futurefic. Michael loves having visitors...

Michael/Alex; Michael/Alex/Sara: Lies & Happy Endings - 2,063 words, PG13, spoilers for 4.06 'Blow Out.' Do you want me to tell you, Alex? Do you want the truth?

Michael/Alex: The Creation of Alternate Universes - 1,534 words, PG, Takes place after the end of 4.10 'The Legend.'. When Michael & Alex start brainstorming, who knows where it could end up?

Michael/Alex: The Least Mysterious of All Crafts - 3,480 words, PG13, spoilers for 4.7 'Five the Hard Way.' T-Bag has a fantasy, and he wants Michael to act it out.

Michael/Alex: The Nature of Understanding - 700 words, PG13, spoilers for 4.08 'The Price.' This time Alex does try to pull away, but Michael holds on fast. 'Let me,' is all he says.

Michael/Alex/Sara: Spaghetti Sauce and the Unlikelihood of Soulmates - 1,509 words, PG, spoilers for 4.07 'Five the Hard Way.' Alex's voice was light, but he was watching her closely. 'You don't believe in true love?'

Sara, Michael/Alex, : Setting The Mood - 1,077 words, NC17, spoilers for 4.07 'Five the Hard Way.' She's always been able to visualise Michael so clearly, every line and curve of his face, his body. The ability is still just as available to her now, but she's found that it's... expanded. She's not sure when it started, but now, when she sees Michael, she also sees Alex.

Doctor Who/Torchwood

Adam Mitchell, Nine, Rose: Rehabilitation - 4,415 words, PG13. Another burst of static, then a pause. Then: "-dam. This is Adam Mitchell. Rose, is that you? Can you hear me?"

Alice Carter/Sam Tyler (Life On Mars crossover) - No More Heroes - 1,663 words, PG13. Alice walks into a blue box with a stranger and walks out in 1973

Donna Noble: The Red Pill - 2,500 words, G, spoilers for 'Journey's End.' She likes being a temp--she likes the unpredictability, the travel, the variety. She likes being a troubleshooter; strolling in, seeing the problem, putting it to rights. Donna Noble: Fixing It and Moving On.

Jack/Gwen/Rhys - Bedsocks, Chi-vores & Urban Legends - 2,445 words, PG13, spoilers for 'Something Borrowed'. Rhys briefly closes his eyes and gives her a beatific smile. 'No work, no phones, no Torchwood, no aliens. No Jack Harkness. A whole week, just the two of us, with no Jack bloody Harkness within a thousand miles. I tell you, Gwen, I cannot wait. And did I mention the no Jack Harkness part?' Gwen pats his arm and giggles. 'Oh, you know, you shouldn't say that, it's like tempting fate.'

Jack/Gwen/Rhys - Ordinary Weekend - 4,733 words, R, spoilers for S2. 4 'Meat'. They say travel broadens the mind. So does Torchwood.

Jack/Ten - You Can't Insure Against Corrosion - 2,652 words, PG13, spoilers for 'Children of Earth' and 'The End of Time.' Alice will try to kill him, Gwen will try to save him. Since neither has any chance of succeeding, Jack decides to spare them the effort.

Nine/Rose - Marmite Rainbows - 535 words, PG13 'Experience, Rose. That's the name of the game. Experience.'

Spacewhale, Eleven, Amy - These are the Voyages of the Starship UK or: Five Alternate Histories of the Spacewhale - 1,088 words, PG13, spoilers for 5.02 'The Beast Below.' They say that no good deed goes unpunished. The Spacewhale discovers that ain't nothing but the truth. Satire.

Life On Mars

Annie/Gene: Negative Space - 1,012 words, PG13, AU futurefic. This is not a murder investigation. They're very, very clear about that.

Sam/Annie, Sam/Gene: Schrodinger's Cat - 1,734 words, PG13, set after ep. 1.06. He got up, walked slowly to the door and put his hand against the cool surface. As far as the mysteries of his life went, this had to be of the easier ones to solve - just open the door, or at least ask 'who's there?' That wasn't an unreasonable question.

Sam Tyler/Alice Carter (Torchwood crossover) - No More Heroes - 1,663 words, PG13. Alice walks into a blue box with a stranger and walks out in 1973

Sam Tyler: Back to Normal - 7,000 words, PG13, late S1. Based on the Buffy episode 'Normal Again.' “You're in hospital, Sam. You have been for a while now.”

Sam Tyler: Round In Circles - 555 words, PG13, early S1. Some days, it was easier than others

Sam Tyler: Save, Quit, Continue? - 2,145 words, PG13, AU ending to S1. He hadn't realised how totally exhausted he was - physically, emotionally and mentally - until that moment; he'd been running on nothing but adrenaline and desperation for too long. He'd allowed his head to fall back against the seat and the gentle motion of the car to pull him into sleep.  And when he'd woken, he'd found that it wasn't the Railway Arms he'd been taken to. It was a hospital. The kind with bars on the windows.

Sam Tyler: This Is Going To Be Fun - WIP in 7 parts - Crossover with Buffy, Doctor Who and Torchwood. Sam Tyler and Rhys Williams have some unexpected encounters and lots of people learn more than they ever wanted to know about the nature of reality... **This story is currently still a WIP**.


House/Angel crossover, various pairings: The L.A. Patient : 17,389 words in 7 parts, PG13. Takes place in S1 of House and S5 of Angel. Nina gets more than she bargained for on a trip to New Jersey - and the House team get a patient with symptoms they've never seen before... Ensemble comedy drama.

House/Chase: Suffering and Appreciation - 2,354 words. But at least there's one good thing; an acknowledgement that yes, it's been deliberate on House's part. The looks, the slights, the coldness - it hasn't just been House being House. It's been a punishment. He finds that absurdly, pathetically gratifying. Naughty boy, begging for attention.


Angel/Faith: And the Dead shall Inherit the Earth - Angel/Faith, 3,219 words, R. The others try to comfort him, try to help; try to share the blame. He won't let them do any of those things. It wasn't their fault, it was his. He was the one who knew the score, knew what The First was capable of. He was the one who'd given in to it last time, too. Warning: Character death.

Angel/Illyria: Comparative Data - 1,340 words, NC17. "The interaction is called sexual intercourse. You know this. Why are you bothering me with pointless questions?"

Angel/Jenny: Eye of the Storm - 1,981 words, R. She was supposed to be prepared for this; all her life, she's known about the monsters. Other kids had Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella - she had Angelus. She was supposed to be know the score, supposed to be ready. But she wasn't. Still isn't. And she hasn't quite worked out how she's going to deal with that.

Angel/Nina: Cutting It Fine - 1,027 words, hard R.  The room is warm, residual heat of human bodies still lingering. She can smell a thousand different things, blood and sweat and perfume and blood and coffee and leather and blood and ink and cigarettes and blood, and blood, and blood.  She sways under the weight of it all, and then he's there. No warning, no sound, not even for her sharpened senses. He's just there.

Angel/Snyder: Fever Dreams - 1,000 words, PG13.  Snyder stepped forward. "Show some respect," he said. "You're in my world now."

Buffy/Angelus: Possession - 2,921 words, NC17. Him. Funny how they always seemed to refer to him like that, these days. Just - him. Almost as if they were afraid that the mere mention of his name might bring him physically to the door. Well, she was, anyway. Or had been. Now, sitting cross-legged on the floor with her candles and her incense burning, Willow felt better. More daring. Almost - powerful. "You mean Angelus," she said.

Buffy/Angel/Spike: Me, You, Us - 1,023 words, PG13. Spike and Angel both started through the door, colliding and tangling in the fight to shoulder both each other, and Andrew, out of the way.

Buffy/Caleb: The Wages of Sin - 1,104 words. Bathing in the blood of a virgin was thought to be the secret of eternal youth, once upon a time, although I sure as hell won't be getting any of that from this slut. Purity and chastity never exactly featured high on her agenda now, did they? Not that I need the secret of eternal youth anyway. I'm beyond that. I just really want to see some blood flow.

Buffy & Dawn: No Answer : 2,764 words, PG13. They took her home; home to LA, not Sunnydale. Her room was just as she remembered it, untouched and timeless. She dressed in teddy bear pyjamas and Joyce made her hot chocolate, and she felt like a child again. Eventually she slept, and there were no dreams.

Buffy/Faith/Giles: Making Adjustments : 9,903 words, NC17 for sexual content. She'd discovered things on her doorstep before; flowers, usually, laid out like some kind of offering. What she found this time seemed more like an omen. A bad one. The heap of cigarette butts reminded her of a swarm of dead flies. She kicked at it, scattering and grinding them under her heel. Little white bodies, burnt offerings to some uncaring god.  "Faith," she said, and it sounded strangely inevitable. Like she'd been waiting to say it for a long time. "What are you doing here?"

Buffy/Gunn: Buffy's Day Off - 1,040 words. G. "So they're not exactly the scariest thing we've ever faced. But you saw how fast they're breeding. They're like -" She broke off, her eyes falling on the shelf that housed his Star Trek DVD collection. "Tribbles. And you know how that turned out. A single night off could see us over-run by the morning. Which means that people will see them, and realise that demons exist - or, no, actually they'll probably think that they're aliens or a botched government biological weapons experiment - and then the entire population of L.A. will freak out and start stockpiling food and guns and you'll have nationwide panic within a week, there'll be a national emergency declared and the army will come stomping all over everything and people will be fighting and murdering and eating each other and it'll be the end of civilisation as we know it." She folded her arms as she looked at him. "You want that on your conscience?"

Buffy/Gunn: Retirement Plan - 2,590 words, PG13. It had felt vaguely disloyal somehow, to sit in a hospital bed in relative comfort watching the news reports about how an LA 'turf war' had been put down by local law enforcement. He'd clicked it off in disgust. There'd been nothing either local or lawful about that enforcement, but hey. You believed whatever you had to, to get you through the night.

Buffy & Holden Webster: Discretion Is The Better Part Of Evil - 1,162 words, PG13. Holden sighed and sat back down on the headstone, leaving Buffy staring into space like a broken doll. Looked like it had thrown her for a real loop, finding out that Spike had been the one to vamp him. Sorry, sire. Had to start getting the jargon right; a common frame of reference was essential to good communication. Not that he and poor brainfried Buffy were doing much communicating right now. Looked like all her resources were being used up just on breathing.

Buffy/Kendra: Staying Around - 2,330 words, PG. When the omens could no longer be denied, she had journeyed to Sunnydale with a determined confidence and the calm assurance that she was ready, physically and mentally, for whatever this forsaken place held.  She'd been wrong.

Buffy/Riley/Xander: Distance - 1,317 words, NC17. This is all that's ever been important to him. All that ever will be. Being with Buffy, loving Buffy. Touching Buffy. His hands roam over her skin, trying to pull her closer. He can't get close enough, can't bear it that there is still space between them. He needs her. Needs to be next to her, close to her, part of her.

Buffy/Spike: False Gods - 2,036 words, R. He understands Dru so much better now.

Buffy/Spike: Once, I Dreamt You Were A Vampire - 4,723 words, PG13. She wasn't sick anymore. She was just Buffy Summers, a normal twenty-one year old girl. She'd had a rough time, but now she was putting her life back together. It wasn't always easy - after all, she had pretty much a whole lifetime's worth of fake memories just sitting around in her head, gleefully waiting to trip her up - but she was getting there. She hadn't looked around for Dawn, or tried to call Giles, in over two weeks now. Best of all, the dreams had almost stopped; no longer was she being forced into the starring role in a dozen different monster-movies every night. There was still one vampire that tended to haunt her, but... No. She wasn't going to think about that. No more vampires. She was past that. She was better.

Buffy/Spike: Truth, Like Light, Is Blinding -: 5,623 words, PG13. Buffy ignored him and looked at Spike, who frowned. "I don't like this. Messing with magic, it's – " he broke off, and just shook his head.  She put the bowl down on the floor beside her chair. "Yeah, I know. I'm not exactly doing the thrilled-Buffy dance myself. But we don't have time to play detective, and this is quicker."

BuffySpike/Nina: The Show Must Go On - 1,049 words, R.  It's not about Angel...

Buffy & Xander: A Little Death and Destruction : 4,245 words, R. She could feel them on the ground, their meagre warmth like dying embers. The Slayer, her murdering Watcher, her pitiful friends. With the merest thought, the simplest wish, they would be destroyed. Glorificus could crush them underfoot like the ants they were, and they would never even have time to know despair.  But hey, where would be the fun in that? Warning: Character death. LOTS of character death.

Buffybot/Warren: I, Buffy : 1,041 words, R. The robot blinked at him, her wide smile unwavering. Huh. Maybe he needed to tweak that a little. It came off a bit too unnatural - Buffy Summers never looked that happy.

Connor, Faith & Nina: Open For Business : 4,325 words, PG13. The first they knew anything had even happened was when they saw it on the news. A houseful of Slayers - and the last time Faith had checked, that gig was supposed to come with a handy prophetic dream function - and the first clue they had that an honest-to-God apocalypse was going down in their old stomping ground was when they saw it on the fucking television.

Cordelia Chase: Better Stay Awhile - 1,172 words, G. In the Birthdayverse, Cordy's fans tell her story.  When I got involved with fandom - actually, when I started spending money on being involved with fandom - my mom gave me The Talk. Any of you guys get given that? The one about obsession not being a Good Thing, and about the virtues of Real Life Friends - preferably, a Real Life Boyfriend. Ahem.

Cordelia/Kennedy: Switching Sides : 1,628 words, PG13. The girl raised her perfectly-shaped eyebrows slightly. "Well well, the famous Cordelia. I thought you'd be taller." She flashed a quite impressively icy smile of her own. "I'm Kennedy. The Vampire Slayer." A pointed look at Harmony accompanied the word vampire.

Dawn/Connor: The Cutest Boy - 1,678 words. Rating PG13. Dear Diary:  I don't know where to start - I'm so happy, I can't believe it. Connor took me to meet Jasmine, and wow but she's beautiful. She's the most beautiful person I've ever seen. And the kindest, and the gentlest, and the - well, just the best. When I first saw her I just sat down and cried at her feet, but she didn't treat me like a huge dork. She picked me up and hugged me, and then she wiped my face and told me that she loved me. Me! She loves me, can you believe that?

Dawn/Faith: Touch - 1,093 words, Mild R. Maybe it might suit her, being the bad girl for a while. It does some people. People like Faith, for instance

Dawn & Justine: Picking Up Strays: 3,045 words, PG13. Vegas in particular had turned out to be positively crawling with vampires. Which, when you thought about it, made a lot of sense for a place where you could live for god knew how many years without ever needing to set foot outside the casino buildings.

Dawn/Kate: Humanity's Enduring Asset - 1,137 words, R. Futurefic. t's not really possible to be in love with Dawn. For a start, she's not quite human. Not any more. Assuming, of course, that she ever really was to start with. Kate's not entirely sure. The jury's still out on that one, and not likely to be returning any time soon. Quite frankly, they've got more pressing matters on their minds. Like staying alive.

Drusilla/Vamp Willow: Eighth Day - 1,749 words, R. The Wishverse.  God had made the world in six days, and on the seventh day He had rested. Fallen asleep, perhaps, gone to chase rainbows and faeries and paint the night sky with dreams. Left his world to be judged and found wanting and remade in a new image. No longer in the image of man, but of vampire.

Drusilla/Wesley: The Comforts of Madness - 1,650 words. Rating R. He hates the fact that he ever came here. Hates the memories that this place always brings, the memories that he has to keep coming back to forget.

Faith & Willow: Tourist Attractions - 2,720 words. Well. She'd heard the place had become something of a highlight on the tourist map, and it looked like they hadn't been joking. Welcome to Disneydale.

Faith/Xander: What If - 1,336 words, G. Once he'd given and received all the necessary hugs he threaded his way into the kitchen, where it was both cooler and quieter. It was sweet and considerate of them to have done all this just for him and he was glad, he was. He just needed to catch his breath a little.

Fred Burkle: The Princess, the Vampire and the Artificially Constructed Reality - 4,985 words, PG13. What do you do in the face of fire? You try to put it out. But if that fails, you save your most treasured possessions and you take them out of danger. You put them somewhere safe.

Giles/Xander: Brother Benedictus's Diary - 2,147 words, mild R. They'd been careful with most of the shipment; some books, Xander had learned to his cost, needed special handling. So the grimoires and the books of shadows they'd tiptoed around - been respectful, said words of protection over, even dusted - and it had all gone off without a hitch. Hah. Famous last words.

Giles/Xander: 'Seven Highly Effective Uses of the word Fuck', by Xander Harris : 1, 747 words, NC17. Set in the Wishverse.  There are seven of us left in this class, rattling around in a room built to hold twenty. Thirty-five per cent, that sounds about right. Take one hundred people, put them in Sunnydale, and expect round about thirty-five of them to live.  Nothing wrong with my math skills, huh? Don't know so much about Hamlet, though, so this essay's going to be kinda short. That's probably just as well. Write down some shit - anything will do, they never read it anyway - then get the fuck out of here. Get back to Giles' and start planning our next raid. Shakespeare, I don't have a clue about. Ask me about vampires, though, and we're talking. Warning: Darkfic, with reference to sexual torture.

Giles & Xander: George Orwell and the Essay of Doom - 1,504 words, G. Xander spread his hands. "But this was a situation of dire emergency! If I didn't get the essay in on time, Mrs Robertson was going to give me detention for the rest of my life. And Willow was sick! So you tell me - what was I supposed to do?"

Harmony Kendall: A Strange and Wonderful Place - 3,025 words, PG13. As Angel stomped away, Harmony gestured toward the girl leaning on the other side of the desk. "Did you see that? You see what I have to put up with? It's all 'Harmony, where are my minutes? Harmony, where's my blood? Harmony, where's the coffee and goat entrails I ordered for the hordes of low-life demons I treat way better than you?' I bet you don't have to put up with this sort of crap in - uh, what department did you say you work in again?"

"Oh, I work all over the place. Kind of like an independent consultant. Wherever an employee's being mistreated by their boss, there's a job for me. But you're right, my own boss is a pretty decent sort. D'Hoffryn really looks after his girls."

Oz/Xander: Wish You Were Here - 2,474 words, NC17. Set in the Wishverse.  It was a sad, sorry excuse for an army, but it was all they had. They weren't Slayers, but they were good kids. Larry was quick on his feet but less so in thought, Nancy was prone to hysteria, Owen was frequently reckless, and Marcie could be vicious, but in a strange way they were his, and he loved them all. He tried not to have favourites, but. But. There was Xander, and then there was Oz. And if he loved them just that little bit more? Well, he'd never claimed to be perfect. Warning: Character death.

Spike/Angel: Code Red - 1,516 words, mild R. Angel scowled at him. "I cannot believe that this is what we've come to. Sitting in a demon bar listening to Spike talk about how he jacked off thinking about my secretary's ass." Also Spike/Gunn, Spike/Wes. Humour.

Spike/Angel: Nothing That I Understand - 2,961 words, NC17. "Yeah," says Spike again. "That's it. That's what you need, isn't it? To be reminded of what you really are. You're not the Vampire fucking Lestat, whatever Wolfgirl and the others think. You're not a poor romantic hero who's just sad and misunderstood. I understand you, Angel, and I'm the only one who ever will. The only one who can."

Spike/Angel/Nina: Seduction 101 - 4,878 words, NC17. Angel, your girlfriend is kissing you. You're supposed to be paying attention. You're at least supposed to notice, you ponce.  Somehow, the part of his mind that handed out those useful reminders always ended up sounding like Spike. It disturbed him deeply.

Spike/Anya: Not That Simple - 1,254 words, PG13. Most people, even the idiot Harris, take Anya's faux-naive routine at face value, but he knows better. You don't get to be over a thousand years old in the demon business without picking up a lot more street smarts than the rest of them give her credit for. She wasn't stupid by any stretch of the imagination, so why she was still hanging around that loser was anyone's guess. Couldn't she see that it was time to move on?

Spike/Anya: Time and Place - 1,014 words, PG13. So why exactly is it that she comes here, then? To Spike? To a vampire, instead of to her friends, her lover, her fiancé? Because one thing Spike doesn't do is lie. Not to himself, and not to her. It's why the others don't come. They like their lies.

Spike/Darla: Adult Education - 1,549 words, NC17.  Angelus turns away from her, his attention once more focussed on William. His instincts are becoming dulled, lately; blunted by arrogance. She thinks it may well be time that both her boys were taught a lesson.

Spike/Dawn: Happy Birthday - 1,096 words, G, post-Chosen. He'd said he didn't remember when he was born, so she'd picked a date for him and called it his birthday.

Spike/Dawn: You Shouldn't Have - 1,000 words, G. He tried the internet, but that didn't really improve his prospects or his mood. There were plenty of gift sites, but they all seemed to be full of things like fart machines, pet robots and three-foot-high remote-controlled daleks. If he'd been shopping for Andrew he would have been spoiled for choice, but for Dawn? It really wasn't helping.

Spike/Drusilla: By Any Other Name - 1,230 words, R. How Spike met his first love - his DeSoto. She was battered now, bruised and hurting. But that was okay. After all, that was exactly how he liked his girls.

Spike/Drusilla/Illyria: Long Live The Game - 2,364 words, PG13. Post-NFA, he Senior Partners spring a surprise on Spike. "Goddess," whispered Dru and dropped into a fluid curtsey, which set Spike off all over again. Oh, it was priceless. Just priceless. All they needed now was to see if any of these buggers had brought a tea service and some cucumber sandwiches along with the axes and broadswords, and they were set for a lovely afternoon. Queen Illyria's Garden Party, very exclusive. Only insane fucking vampires need apply.

Spike/Fred: It's Wonderful, I Love It, What Is It? - 1,000 words, G He likes hearing her talk. Doesn't understand more than one word in twenty, half the time, but that doesn't matter. Christmas fluff.

Spike,/Giles, Spike/Ethan: Road Test - 2,000 words, R. Ethan would like Spike. A lot. He tries not to think about how much, but the damned whisky has loosened the locks on mental doors he normally keeps shut, and his mind is choosing to torment him with a series of snapshot images that ably demonstrate how Ethan would show his appreciation.

Spike/Gwen: Best in the Business - 1,132 words, PG13. Spike finds a kindred spirit.

Spike/Holden Webster: Conversations with Vampires Who Won't Shut Up - 2,217 words, R. "It's a classic story, really. Boy meets boy, boy has mind-blowing sex with boy in back alley, boy passes out and wakes up in a coffin. Boy meets slayer, bonds over shared mind-blowing sex experiences, slayer lets boy go, boy leads happy and productive life. Existence, whatever. The end."

Spike/Tara: Party Games : 2,337 words, PG13. "Okay," said Tara. "Let me make sure I understand this. You're saying the apocalypse is coming, and the only way to save the world is to have sex."

Spike/Wesley: Controlled Circumstances - 1,949 words, R. He kept his head down as the door that he'd shut behind him scraped open again. Listened to the fast, shallow breathing of the human who stood there. What had the name been? Some double-barrelled thing - Windmill-Ponce, was it? Well, whatever. It was going to be Windmill-Ponce Deceased, pretty shortly.

Spike/Wesley: The Leather Trousers of Evil - 1,284 words, NC17. Wesley tries to back up, but Spike just keeps getting nearer. "So now I suppose you'll be wanting to test out the whole dark side thing. Wanting to get on with the mayhem and destruction and dirty hot sex, right?"

Spike/Willow: Change of Plan - 4,301 words, NC17. She didn't look much like a witch. Dru ate a few once, in San Francisco - said they were dark and stringy and kind of vinegary - but that certainly didn't describe this girl. She was wholesome and fluffy and so cute she made his fangs itch.

Spike/Xander: Under The Skin - 2,317 words, NC17. The First likes to play games... "Oh, please," said Spike. "Are we going to play cops and robbers, now? You going to interrogate me? Or how about we do Silence of the Lambs - you wanna be Clarice to my Hannibal, is that it?"

Spike/Xander: Whatever You Want - 2,698 words, R.  "Spike. Listen to me. There's been - an accident. The magical kind of accident. You're not yourself."

Tara/Anya: This Time : 1,719 words, R. If she waits long enough, Tara always comes. Dressed in her lovely, bright flowing clothes and with her hair always spread around her shoulders. She hugs Anya, and sits next to her on the bench. Above them, the sun shines. The sun always shines.

Tara/multi (Buffy, Faith, Dawn, Fred): Five Christmases that never were - 2,503 words, PG13 to mild R, AU. Five futures Tara never got to have.

Willow/Giles: Awakening - 799 words, R. "I obviously should have explained to you," he says, as his free hand curls around her back and then tangles itself in her hair, "what I expect from you. What I want from you. Do you understand that now, Willow?"

Willow/Giles: Just What I Always Wanted - 1,000 words, G. He had gathered them all here because it made good tactical sense to have annual meetings, to review strategies and share information. This one just happened to coincide with Christmas, and it had nothing to do with wanting to spend it with Willow, or get presents from her.

Willow/Giles: The Seeing - 1,862 words, soft R. Unrequited love was her specialty, after all. She'd been practising since she was five years old, she had to be world-class by now. Willow Rosenberg, Olympic gold medallist in Wanting What You Can't Have.

Willow/Giles/Tara: Dates To Remember - 1,965 words, R. One upside to the apocalypse: less food for the vamps. Not exactly a cheerleading thought, but Willow had learned to take her comfort where she could. Warning: Character death.

Willow/Oz: The Memory Of One Absent Most - 1,006 words, PG13. When she thinks Kennedy isn't listening, she also asks questions about a boy (a man, really, he's at least twenty-three now, but she always remembers a boy) travelling alone, in a battered van. A boy with the moon in his eyes.


Ats/House, various pairings: The L.A. Patient - 17,389 words in 7 parts, PG13. Takes place in S1 of House and S5 of Angel. Nina gets more than she bargained for on a trip to New Jersey - and the House team get a patient with symptoms they've never seen before... Ensemble comedy drama.

BtVS/Life On Mars/Doctor Who/Torchwood: This Is Going To Be Fun - WIP in 7 parts - Sam Tyler and Rhys Williams have some unexpected encounters and lots of people learn more than they ever wanted to know about the nature of reality... **This story is currently still a WIP**.

Torchwood/Life on Mars, Alice Carter/Sam Tyler (Life On Mars crossover) - No More Heroes - 1,663 words, PG13. Alice walks into a blue box with a stranger and walks out in 1973

Tags: fic
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