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Prison Break 4.10 'The Legend'

Alex takes charge right from the off - the way he steps in to stop Sucre ripping Self a new one, and then persuades - no, *orders* - Self to give Brad proper respect. He doesn't get angry or physical, but he doesn't have to - there is absolutely no question but that what he says will happen, will happen. Self just crumbles in the face of his superior will, heh. Oh, Don. How did you ever get so very far out of your depth? There is a lovely shot of Michael looking very appreciative, too. Yeah, Mike, that's your boyfriend, taking names and kicking ass :-)

Every time Gretchen looks at Self, it looks like she's imagining having him stuffed and hung on her wall. This amuses me greatly.

I love Linc immediately offering to be the one to call Brad's mum. Linc can be so very good at being the older brother -- to everyone, even Alex.

Sucre's 'who besides you two would come up with something like that?' made me squee. I so love him including Alex. You *two*. Oh, yeah.

I am in awe of Sara's mad Googling skillz, to find David Baker. That's only a couple of steps up from John Smith.

Hee, poor Don is trying to reassert himself and it really isn't working. His 'right, we still need the sixth card' just earns him a gloriously dry 'really' from Linc, while Michael & Alex ignore him completely and get on with actually doing it. I get such a thrill every time they hang out together at the Plan Wall. Mindmating is so very damn sexy :-)

Gretchen's 'noodling' scene is such fun. She is just having the time of her life right now, isn't she?

Wow, David Baker is Holtz from Angel--I never realised that first time around. Mrs Baker totally wants Alex. The minute she sees him at the door, she's all 'O hai there, sexy!' And then she's very blatantly comparing him and David when they're arguing, and it's clear who wins. Bet Alex finds her cell number on the back of that page she gave him.

I can't get over the fact that it was T-Bag who burned down Sona. That's just too superb for words. His speech to the sales noobs is so awesome. Volunteering leadership in a local penitentiary, indeed. And he actually gets a little choked about Brad, bless his psychopathic little heart. T-Bag, T-Bag, why are you making me love you?

Sara's 'hee' face when she tells Michael about calling herself his wife is just the most adorable thing ever. She has the most wonderfully mischevious smile.

Trishanne's an undercover agent! I did not see that coming. Interesting. I wonder how this will play out? I can't believe Self put his actual current cell number as her reference. Dude. ::shakes head:: How are you even still alive at this point?

The whole mine scene was so tense. Sucre's sheer terror was palpable. Well played, Amaury. And Alex to the rescue FTW! I loved him invoking Michael's name to reassure Sucre, but also that it's Linc who finally gets him to move.

For an ep that is more set-up for the big break-in than anything else, this was really, really good. Doubly so, for an Alex fan, heh. He was awesome beyond words, and he looked damn fine, too.

I'm looking forward to next week's ep enormously, despite some very scary rumours about Gretchen, the General and a schoolgirl outfit :-)
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