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PB Ficlet - 'Job Opportunity' - Alex - G

Ficlet written for vibishan's drabble tag game, prompt 'Alex Mahone: Vampire Hunter'

Alex has worked big cases before – ones that became all-consuming, that became personal. He knows what's it's like when it's over: the come-down, the adrenaline crash, the sense of anti-climax.

Even when you win.

He's happy, of course he is. They made it out alive, what's left of the Company is in its death throes, his decidedly murky slate has been wiped clean. He's free to start over.

Except, of course, that he isn't. He's spent so long being focused on Michael Scofield that he doesn't know how to stop. He doesn't know who he is, what his life is, if it's not about Michael. He doesn't know how to leave.

So he doesn't. He takes an apartment close by, and then a small office in a building around the block. He doesn't know why, or what he's intending to do there, but it feels strangely comforting to have a desk and a phone. And a whiteboard.

He's making coffee one day when a young blonde woman walks into the office. 'I'm sorry,' he says, surprised. 'I think you must be in the wrong place.'

She looks around the room, then sits down on the chair opposite him. 'No, I'm not. Alex Mahone, right?'

He frowns, but she doesn't look like the autograph hunter type. 'Do I know you?'

'No, but I know you. I watch the news.' She shakes her hair out of her eyes. 'Well, actually, I don't, all that much, but I have people who do, and they report items of importance to me. Although we do kinda have a difference of opinion over the exact meaning of the word 'important,' because really, a new Star Trek film? It's not exactly world-changing, despite what some people may think. Although that guy does make a good Spock, I'll give them that.'

Alex blinks at her. She clears her throat and smooths her skirt over her knees. 'Right, so, items of importance. That includes you, and Mr Scofield. It was pretty impressive, what you did. My organisation could use those kind of skills. What we do takes both brawn and brains, and while we're doing pretty okay for the first, we could kinda do with a little more of the second. Strategy, tactics, planning -- all that good stuff. And a willingness to, um.' She scratches her cheek. 'Let's just say suspend disbelief, for now.'

Alex laughs softly. 'When you work with Michael Scofield, you get used to doing what can't possibly be done. Why don't you tell me a bit more about your organisation, Ms...?'

She smiles brightly. 'Summers. Buffy Summers.'


And this ficlet written in response to my request for Alex with a Heroes ability, just makes so much sense of some previous 'huh?' moments on the show... *g*
Tags: fic: prison break
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