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More Joy Day!

...is here! ::spins::

I haz a bearhug! Awww :-) Thank you so much to whoever gifted me with this, it's so totally adorable!

I'm feeling better today. Still snotty and achy and sore-throat-y, but not so much with the nauseous and head-full-of-cotton-wool. I stayed off work, selflessly saving my coworkers from the germs, heh, and as I don't work Fridays anyway it's officially the weekend in flurbleworld. Ergo, Joy!

There will be more to follow, but for now here's a little fannish random joy:

Buffy was my first love, the show that introduced me to fic and fandom and so irrevocably enriched my life. I loved every single character and every damn bit of it, even the parts that broke my heart. In that spirit, the moment I possibly love the best is the scene in 'The Prom' where Buffy receives her Class Protector award from Jonathan. The look on her face, and Giles's, is just... I have no words. I adore that scene so much, even through it makes me cry. Every time, even now. Ah, Buffy. You were the best.

Life on Mars is another show I loved deeply. So very awesome, in so many ways. I frequently half-watch TV while I'm reading, and that was how I started the first ep. I thought the premise sounded vaguely amusing, but I'd never seen John Simm in anything else and didn't know what to expect -- didn't know what a mesmerising, exceptional actor he is. But when we got to the scene where Sam wakes up in '73 and there's that long, circling shot around him, I realised I was seeing something really special. I put the book down :-) The acting, the chemistry between Sam and Gene, the surreal weirdness of it (the Camberwick Green trailer remains the single greatest piece of TV I have ever seen) -- all awesome. And the ending was unbelievably perfect: ambiguous yet shatteringly final, shocking yet inevitable, emotionally fulfilling yet unbelievably dark, and a mindfuck to the end. Kudos, show!

Prison Break snuck up on me while I wasn't looking. Someone once complained that it was 'a bit implausible' and I laughed my head off because, well, yes -- but that's the *point*. To me, that's the whole raison d'etre of the show - how much insane, cracked out, ludicrous implausibility can you gather in one story before you accidentally create Douglas Adams's Improbability Drive? (OMG! That's obviously how they escape from the Space Prison in S5!) I love this show to bits, in all its unlikely glory. I don't come here for logic and realism, I come for mad plans and daring rescues and last-minute hitches and more male beauty than the eye can stand. I come for Alex and Michael and their unspoken but undeniable love, and for T-Bag, the greatest comedy villain ever created and the only mass-murdering rapist who's managed to make me feel sorry for him. I come for the dirty hot prison sex fic and the fluffy domestic threesome fic, for a fandom as beautifully batshit insane as the show. You know who you are, and I love you all :-)

So, tell me what brings you fannish joy?
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