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Guilty Pleasures

I'm reading Incubus Dreams at the moment, and it's reminding me why I love the Anita Blake series so much, despite the fact that they are so very flawed in so many ways. Anita herself gets on my nerves a lot (a claustrophobia that's an inherent downside of 1st person POV over this kind of length) and I know a lot of people bailed on it once the sex took such a prominent place, but I loved it.

I understand why people don't, but for me, [Aliens/Mystical Forces/The PTB/Insert Genre-appropriate Cause Here] Made Them Do It is my all-time favourite fic trope, and that's what's at the heart of these stories. It's like somewhere in another universe, there's a series that's totally focussed on the crime/politics/supernatural integration aspects, and our books are the fanfic -- totally concerned with getting as much sex with as many different pairings as possible. Sure, there are some minor nods to a murder or power struggle here or there, but it's mostly to provide Anita with a reason to lose blood, control or a fight and therefore need to power up again by having sex with whoever doesn't run away fast enough. Fantastic!

The ardeur, a power source that she has to feed through sex, is a stroke of genius in shipping terms. Pick any characters you want to pair up, put them near her when the ardeur rises and away you go! A free pass for any shipper. Genius.

::ponders Anita Blake crossovers::

So, what's your guilty pleasure(s)? *g*
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