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Fic requests, for future reference 
12th-Feb-2010 06:05 pm
Prompts submitted at dark_fest

I really, really, really, really, want all of these. I'm seriously hoping I don't have to write them all myself, but at this point I'm thinking I will, if I have to. *crosses fingers*

24, Jack/Renee, performance sex

24/Prison Break, Jack Bauer/Alex Mahone, you can get to like torture

Breaking Bad, Jesse/Walt, where do you turn when everyone else is gone?

Buffy, Ethan/Faith, this is how a real mentor behaves

Buffy/Being Human, Oz/George, you can't subdue the beast

Buffy/Supernatural, Illyria/Dean or Illyria/Castiel, let me show you what the power of hell really is

Chuck, Chuck/Casey, when you're undercover with dangerous people you can't show weakness

Heroes, Sylar/Matt, I know you better than you know yourself

House, House/Chase, if I can't have you then nobody can

House/Lie To Me, House/Lightman, don't fuck with me

House/Supernatural, Chase/Dean, murder makes you vulnerable

Prison Break, Alex/Sara, addiction
Prison Break, Alex/Sara/Lincoln, without Michael

Survivors BBC 2009, Tom/Greg, you need me to survive

Torchwood, Jack/Rhys, grieving for Gwen
donna by lindenharp
24th-May-2010 12:05 am (UTC)
Hey, you should add some Breaking Bad prompts for small fandom fest! Er, if you feel like it. :-)
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