April 11th, 2015

donna by lindenharp

Here be fic! Breaking Bad - This Epic Story of Forbidden Love - Walt/Jesse (R) Humour/Crack/Romance

I drifted out of fandom the last few years, but then I watched Breaking Bad (late to the party, yes, tell me about it) and... wow. *flails*

It was glorious and perfect and I wouldn't change a single second of how it played out, but it DESTROYED me. I was thinking about how I would give my soul to be able to fix it, and save everyone, and give them all a happy ending... and then I remembered I could.

Because what's fanfic for, if not to step in and turn a desperately heartbreaking tragedy into a screwball romantic comedy? :-)

This Epic Story of Forbidden Love - Walt/Jesse (R) - Humour/Crack/Romance - 14,136 words

It started out like the kind of true crime tragedy everyone’s heard a dozen times before: boy falls in with bad crowd, boy starts using, boy goes off the rails. But when they get to Act 2 — boy goes through traumatic gang initiation — things take an unexpected turn and suddenly they’re in a sex dungeon and instead of the gang boss telling the boy to go shoot someone in the face, he’s telling him to take his clothes off.

Read the story at AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3716167/chapters/8227453